4th Wall Theatre, Inc.
Theatre on the Edge
Bloomfield, New Jersey
MID Stage Series
4th Wall is proud of its M.I.D. Stage Series, which presents Musicals In Development. We produce fully staged, fully memorized, small-budget, piano-only shows that have not yet had other formal presentations before a public audience. We prefer small cast or reduced shows (3-8 people is best), and we provide all the staff and elements necessary to do the writing justice (minimal sets, costumes, nice lighting and props, a production manager, a director, a stage manager, and a music director/pianist). We do all this in order to give the writing team a chance to hear the show and see what works and what doesn't structurally and in terms of character development. Each performance is followed by a talkback with the audience so that feedback is immediate.

Because of the limitations of our production elements, we lean toward adult, contemporary stories rather than period or fantasy pieces, but we do keep our options open. Also, in order to give the writers some development time but also give the audience a fully-memorized show, we work with writing teams on a schedule of deadlines that allows some light workshopping in rehearsal prior to run-throughs. Other elements, such as casting decisions and production elements, are negotiable with the director and production manager on a case by case basis. Our streamlined MID Stage budgets focus largely on theatre rental, director and music director fees, and audience building publicity; we are not able to assist with travel or housing for out-of-town writers at this time.

If you would like to submit a new Musical In Development for consideration, please email your resume, writers' bios, script synopsis, a writing sample from the show (or the entire libretto, if that is easier), and at least 4 demo tracks to (Links to DropBox, SoundCloud, and other file sharing platforms are appreciated but not required.) Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and are shared only with the 4th Wall Board.